How to make an on-screen PDF


I regularly make PDFs for clients that are designed primarily to be viewed on-screen. Of course, the person viewing the PDF may choose to print it out on a desktop printer or other device and this should be taken into account. And with everything there is a right way and a wrong … [Read more...]

Designing screen PDF newsletters – Why and How?


Question: How can you disseminate a graphically interesting, beautifully designed small book to a large number of people cheaply? Answer: Email a PDF. Almost every computer has Adobe Reader (formerly called Acrobat Reader) and PDFs are widely used as a way to present … [Read more...]

Designing PDF newsletters


The first rule of making PDFs is easy... do it in InDesign, don't even think of doing it in Quark. Navigation, linking to the web and even playing movies can be sorted out in InDesign first before the PDF is made. This way when the client has added his changes these elements … [Read more...]

Another top tip for PDF optimisation


Question: What do you do when you've got a PDF that's too big? Answer: Open in Acrobat, go File > Reduce File Size. Correct, that usually does the trick. But I had a particularly cumbersome PDF and a client that really couldn't handle files of more than 1Mb and it … [Read more...]

Overprint nightmare solved


Here's a problem I've been getting a lot recently ... and a solution! Elements not printing out or printing out darker or fainter than they should. Why? The element – beit type or a box or anything – has been set to overprint. Overprinting is great. Black type on a tinted … [Read more...]

Making and using PDFs


How do you make PDFs? Direct from an application or by distilling from a saved eps or postscript file? Everyone has their favourite way, but whichever method is used there always seems to be some unforeseen errors creeping into the final file occasionally Why are some … [Read more...]

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