Making and using PDFs

How do you make PDFs? Direct from an application or by distilling from a saved eps or postscript file?

Everyone has their favourite way, but whichever method is used there always seems to be some unforeseen errors creeping into the final file occasionally

Why are some elements obscured behind other elements visible in the final PDF?

This has been causing me some problems recently and I wonder if anyone has anything to add on the subject.

Say there is an innocuous text box or picture box that is lounging around behind a bigger non-opaque object in Quark or any other application. Fine, no big deal. No one’s gonna see it when you print out, you think. Wrong! Sometimes it is visible on the PDF. Even worse, visible on some people’s machines but not others!

Any thoughts?


  1. daytona beach says

    ive been turning some of my brochures into .pdfs and emailing to clients. it’s been saving me time and money.

  2. says

    Well, at least now your original post can get a little attention!

    Enjoyed your post on blogging, by the way. You certainly seem to have found your voice.

  3. says

    Not a tremendously robust explanation, but even then your instinct to help people with technical problems was at work. Thank goodness you kept blogging, Rob!