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Blog at stop smoking website - the free and easy way to give up smoking

I have just set up a blog for my stop smoking website.

The blog is powered by WordPress – who else? – and I chose the ShadedGrey theme which is made by Web Hosting Bluebook.

Did this help you? If so, please share!

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  1. says

    Thank you Jackie, Tail and James Tilbury for your encouraging comments about the blog design. It is going well and hopefully encourages people to give up smoking!

  2. Jemma says

    right now i am trying to stop smoking because i am afraid of the diseases that i might get if i continue to smoke. there is lung cancer and other bad stuffs you can get from smoking.

  3. Maurice says

    Great you have setup a this blog. I am sure a lot of people will like it.

    Quit smoking is difficult that is why only 5% really quit smoking after a new try. The more support, the more information and the more solutions, the more people can and will stop smoking.

  4. says

    I really appreciate your work here, as it is great to help smokers with their quit. They need all the help they can get!

    Quitting smoking is a very difficult process, with many steps to make it work. I believe many new smokers think they can quit any time they want to, and then find out it is not that easy.

    It involves nicotine addiction for certain, but also, the addiction in the mind as well.

    Good luck on your great new blog!

  5. says

    We are blessed to have people like you help push the message of stop smoking. Keep it the good work and continue passing on the message to help others =)

  6. says

    Hey Rob,
    You have done the right thing for all owners of Stop Smoking Websites. I have recently developed one of these website at I myself smoked for 25 years and on July 25, 2000 i quitted and now i am delighted to share all my related experiences with others who are interested to quit smoking cigarettes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Benni says

    I just stopped smoking on the 16th of January.. 3days clean so far. And I feel really good about it.. I realized that it was more of a psychological thing more than the nicotine.. So if your trying to stop.. Don’t think.. Know.. It really works.. I’m proof.. Evryone have a great day