Another top tip for PDF optimisation

Question: What do you do when you’ve got a PDF that’s too big?

Answer: Open in Acrobat, go File > Reduce File Size.

Correct, that usually does the trick. But I had a particularly cumbersome PDF and a client that really couldn’t handle files of more than 1Mb and it steadfastly refused to reduce down further than 5Mb.

What did I do?

Answer: Go: Advanced > PDF Optimiser.

You then have more ways to downsize. Hints: Make compatable with Acrobat 7 – the later the version the smaller the file size. Put all the images down to 72 if you haven’t already. Leave the Scanned Pages unless you have, erm, scanned pages. There maybe some fonts to discard. Leave the Transparency bit alone (I found it increased the size!). Under Discard objects and Clean up – tick everything in sight!

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  1. sumesh says

    look i don’t get the reuce size or advanced option in my adobe reader 7.0 downloaded for free in adobe web. help me