Do all graphic designers think alike?


You may wonder ... Great idea from Graphic Design Blog for a design experiment. Designers were asked to quickly sketch or produce logo ideas for a couple of made-up companies "Caffeine Rush" being one of them. Here's my interpretation. I can't wait to see if someone has come up with exactly the same thing! … [Read more...]

Designing with keyboard shortcuts in Quark and Creative Suite

Remember you can choose the keystrokes of InDesign to those of Quark by going Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts... The table below is for the default shortcuts. Action Quark InDesign Illustrator Photoshop Show/Hide guides F7 Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-; (Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-H for boxes) Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-; Cmd(Mac)/ Ctrl(PC)-; Bullet … [Read more...]

Designing eyes in Illustrator


OK, so you've probably seen better line drawings but look at the eyes! One of the best ways to do eyes in illustrations is a simple black circle for the pupil and a smaller white one for the light reflection. Keep the smaller white circle in the "northwest" or "northeast" corner of the black circle and make sure it's in the same place for all the other eyes in the same … [Read more...]

Charging companies interest on late payments

This post only relates to the UK, I'm afraid. It's a fact of life in this country (and probably all over the world) that many companies try to save themselves a little money by paying small businesses late. This has happened to me recently and it's not nice. Always at the back of your mind is the thought that the debtor could go out of business and you could lose alot of … [Read more...]

Time management for graphic designers


Before I start of this post I would like to ask you to think of an answer to this question: What one thing could you do that you aren't doing now that if you did on a regular basis would make a tremendous positive difference to your personal or professional life? One book I enjoyed reading very much was Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the concepts … [Read more...]

Things I love about designing in InDesign that I couldn’t do in Quark


I was thinking this was going to be a short post but the ideas just keep on coming. Maybe a little unfair, I'm comparing InDesign CS2 with Quark 6.5, but anyway! X and Y You can choose where your x and y measurements for page objects are taken in the Control bar – top left, top centre, top right, middle left, middle centre, middle right, bottom left, bottom centre or bottom … [Read more...]

Graphic designer’s picture quiz


Something a bit different. Here's a quiz for you. Can you tell me ... Where was this picture taken? Of what? What country's flag is shown flying towards the centre of the picture? What is the connection between the flag and the picture? Answers as comments, please. The winner gets absolutely nothing just a whole load of kudos. … [Read more...]

DoFollow plugin not installed on my blog


Attention from October 2008: This is no longer a DoFollow blog. All comments from this website will have the nofollow command and therefore if you're after a bit of link juice you best go elsewhere. If you're a genuine commenter then I'm sorry I can't reward you with a proper link. I've just got tired of deleting all the rubbish comments from people with keywords for … [Read more...]

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